3 Questions using portainer

Hi All,

I am rather new to docker so here are my questions

I have installed portainer on my synology nas and can connect to the local docker app, i have a few running docker images already.

Question 1:
Do the recreate option with the option pull latest image indeed update my containers to the latest versions maintaining the config?

Question 2:
Can this be done automaticly?

Question 3:
Can you update portainer also using the recreate?

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Hi there,

  1. Yes it should maintain the config options you set in your docker run command, however if you are not using a persisted volume (i.e. the data is then stored inside the container) then that data will be lost.
  2. Not in Portainer, unless you create a cron job via the host management option and script this
  3. No, you cannot upgrade Portainer using itself. You can see how to upgrade here
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Thanks for your answers very helpfull , for your information i am running docker images for sonarr, radarr and nzbget the containers have a directory on my nas which contain there configs /volume1/docker/xxx this is what you mean for a persistant volume right?