Any plans on supporting docker app packages?

From a recent docker conference, I learned about Docker App Packages. I’m pretty excited about these, as it makes it much simpler to build an application as a stack.

However, I also prefer deploying with Portainer, and Portainer would need modifications to support them. Specifically, it would need to:

  • Support pulling a .dockerapp image repo as an dockerapp (instead of ‘just’ as a regular image - convention is the .dockerapp extension on the repo name)
  • Add a stack deployment UI - another tab - that allows using a .dockerapp (either pre-pulled or by name), and then showing the parameters UI, including allowing you to upload/paste and alternative parameters.yml. (Dynamically showing them as textboxes similar to AWS CloudFormation would be nice, but more complex and carries a level of risk.)
  • Stack monitoring/display enhancements to view these.

Has there been any internal discussion on this feature yet?

We, will look to add this as part of our app templates evolution. More than likely we drop app template code in totality and replace with cnab