Anyone who can see a network can delete it?

New to Portainer. Using community edition. Working with individual docker hosts, not a swarm.

I have created a macvlan network on an endpoint. By default, owner is then Administrators. Non-admin users can then not see this network to add containers to it. If I change the ownership (e.g. to a team the users belong to) then users can put containers on this network, But they can also then delete it. Is this by design?

I have tried with a network that was manually created on the endpoint outside of Portainer. And also creating network via Portainer - creating the config first and then a network from this config.

Ideally, want users to be able to put containers on the network but not delete it. How do I do this please?

The only way I know to accomplish what you are wanting to do is via Roles. Which is only available in the Business Edition. By The way in the CE version everything is basically owned by the Administrator.

I hope this helps, let me know please,