Cannot Access my Docker Agents (network problems?)

Hi All,

I am new to Docker and Portainer, been learning all I can but I keep getting stuck. I need help narrowing down the problem.

I have a machine running Open Media Vault 5 which is working well, portainer is setup and I can access it on the same ip/machine name via port 9000 so everything appears to be done.

Now when I install a docker for Plex ( and set it up according to and also the official video from OMV on youtube (CzMSuRyfMS0)

However I cannot access the web interface, this step never seems to work for me.

if kablamo.local:9000/#/home works to access portainer why does kablamo.local:32400/web not work for Plex

Log shows all is well, no errors I can find and I have check all my settings around PUID and PGID etc.

Is there a common mistake I am making or somewhere I can start looking at for the problem?

Any help appreciated.

Can this been delete? I think I have solved it (sort of).

Hi @Noki, can you show us how to resolve that? thanks :grinning:

I had to set to ports by hand, now I can load the app in my browser on another machine. Plex still can’t see the media shares, but that’s separate.

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