Cannot browse Docker registry even after enabling Registry Manager

I purchased the Registry Management Extension.
If I add my private Docker registry, Portainer tells me " Registry management configuration required" when I click the Browse option.

If I do a test configuration for my registry, I get the error “Invalid management configuration.”

I am using the v2 registry and can push and pull images to the registry using Portainer. Is there anything else I must do to get this working? I am not using Swarm and do not have a Secrets option in my Portainer menu.

Here is an example of how I build my registry on a separate host:

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry
-v /home/USER/registry/certs:/certs
-e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_CERTIFICATE=/certs/registry.crt
-e REGISTRY_HTTP_TLS_KEY=/certs/registry.key

On the actual server/host my Portainer container runs on, I place the Docker registry certificates in /etc/docker/certs.d/dockerregistry:5000 so that TLS works.

Am I doing anything wrong? I can push and pull to the Docker registry using Portainer and several workstations. I’m not sure why I can’t actually browse the Docker registry using Portainer.

I can even use Curl to query the registry:

curl -o -X --cacert ca.crt GET https://dockerregistry:5000/v2/_catalog

I’m pointing to the actual hostname “dockerregistry” and my TLS certificate uses the name as well.

Same issue here.
We have a working registry without security but the extension says:
" Portainer was not able to use this registry management features. "

Hi there,
If you are using a secure registry, make sure you are providing the certificates in the Invalid Management configuration screen via the TLS option. If this is still not working you can try the ‘Skip certificate verification option’ and the certificates won’t be validated (not recommended as this is insecure).


The other thing to check is whether container networking is working to the registry. For this you could spin up a busybox container and see if you can curl the v2 api

Also I have recently verified this issue which may be affecting you

It would also help to see what the error messages are that you are getting in the Portainer container when trying to browse.

Same problem, no logs in Portainer container.

The registry is working, https, it uses API v2 and I can also pull / push the images directly from Portainer

If your registry uses token-based authentication it appears the RM extension doesn’t currently support this. I am going to investigate further>

To further troubleshoot, you could spin up a container and connect this to the network Portainer is on then see if you can curl the v2 api