Can't pull update images

I’m running Docker and Portainer on an updated Debian 10 VM.

I’m running pi-hole in docker and using tag pihole/pihole:v5.0.

When I check the image details I see the sha256:788fa841f00633e23f5c40775dad6844262b6546d021441626639984cd5f710a it does not match the current sha256:27d9514c4c580f1d1a3ab33586b90652554e71d7be682c5c948ef346359c6479 from the dockerhub site. Mine is over 20 days old and I’ve been trying to update it to ones that are tagged as being newer. Or at least match / have some commonality to ones in dockerhub.

I have deleted my container and the image using portainer. I have also verified this using docker images and rmi (if needed).

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. My goal is to be able to use docker to automate the image pull but I really like to verify that I have the version that I should have.

Edited: I just tested with two other docker projects I’m using in the portainer and they don’t update to the right image either.

Thanks for the help.

Check that you are comparing to the right SHA sum, there are multiple different images built for different architectures. I changed to the correct architecture with this dropdown and mine matches