Can't see container's data via SMB

I have a Minecraft server (GitHub - itzg/docker-minecraft-server: Docker image that provides a Minecraft Server that will automatically download selected version at startup) set up via a Stack on my OMV 5 machine. The stack has the following tag:

- /Data/MinecraftServer

However, when I access the /Data/MinecraftServer folder via SMB, I can’t see any files. Does anyone know what could be going on here?

Hello @Honza,

You need to make it share in OMV (for SMB/CIFS to work) and also make sure that you have the following set to access it. It needs (I am not sure about this) to be a shared folder per the shared folders menu choice:

and it has to have the proper permission via the SMB/CIFS menu choice:

If you don’t want it this way then you have to have a user created in OMV and you have to give that user a password.

I am not sure how OMV handles Docker and Portainer, I will add a PoC OMV install later today and test things out for you and let you know what I come up with.