Default Username and Password

I installed Portainer as root on a Webmin administered Fedora system, but trying to log in as root is not working. I see no info about default usr:pwd.

How do I solve this?

Hi @SecCon,

there is no default password for portainer. When you deployed portainer it asks you to set an admin password on first launch.

If you have forgotten it try delete the portainer container and its volume, then deploy again

or using this tool for reset portainer admin password

Well, it is obviously expecting some set password… Will try the reset

No, wont work.

How do I even now there is a user “admin”…

[root@fedora1 ~]# docker container stop portainer
[root@fedora1 ~]# docker run --rm -v portainer_data:/data portainer/helper-reset-password
Unable to find image 'portainer/helper-reset-password:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from portainer/helper-reset-password
79916c70cb9e: Pulling fs layer
93e26fa95550: Pulling fs layer
79916c70cb9e: Verifying Checksum
79916c70cb9e: Download complete
79916c70cb9e: Pull complete
93e26fa95550: Verifying Checksum
93e26fa95550: Download complete
93e26fa95550: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:735a809b1bfe14b5fae340d4b350bae97c2016371c47fb6e34d71a45e4512f79
Status: Downloaded newer image for portainer/helper-reset-password:latest
2020/08/17 07:48:08 Password succesfully updated for user: admin
2020/08/17 07:48:08 Use the following password to login: 95oZc1&$tlwk-A|B`gP87i)2szW0%4,n
[root@fedora1 ~]# docker container start portainer