Deployment of a GPU-based container to a cluster

Hello, everyone.

I am new to Portainer and web-based application development. I am trying to get some high-level idea about if it is possible/how to use Portainer to deploy a containerized GPU-enabled simulation platform to a computing cluster (~5 Linux servers and each server is equipped with several NVIDIA GPUs) that:

  1. Allows each user to
  • Create a temporary user account;
  • Upload input files to the server and submit simulation jobs (created from a specific image with certain container settings);
  • Download simulation results from the server.
  1. Allows server developer/maintainer to
  • Control access of each user: for instance, users can only use provided images with certain settings;
  • Schedule jobs according to the availability of GPUs;
  • Kill jobs that exceeds a specific runtime threshold.

Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you!

I am not sure if i undertsood the question correctly.Kindly follow this feature on GPU support with portainer, In slack there are some users who does work in GPu’s pl join there, may be we could better response.

Hi! Thank you so much for the feedback! I will post the GPU-related questions under that thread.