Docker set up for a shared hosting company, vs using something like Cloud Linux?

Hi there,

This is probably more of a sales questions, and maybe to open/dependent, but thought others might be interested to see the answer too. Hoping someone from the community or Portainer could give some insight and opinions.

I’m going to have a dedicated server, on which I’ll be offering shared hosting to my customers, and I’m looking for options for infrastructure, in particular an option that will allow me to allocate a pre-defined and advertised amount of RAM and CPU power.

I was hoping to get some thoughts on: putting each customer’s in a Docker container (and use Portainer on my end to track the containers, but still use Plesk or cPanel within the containers and manage all those via my admin plesk/cpanel interface) VS using Cloud Linux (LVE).

I’m thinking about: security (is it easier to write malicious code to get out of a Docker container?) and ease of admin/management for myself (updates etc).