Edit environment variables after creating a stack

I created a stack and added all my environment variables into the bottom section of the page and inserted them into text with {$varname} syntax.

The stack deployed but now I want to edit some of those variables. I have looked everywhere and cannot find anywhere to edit these values.

I thought maybe I had to duplicate the stack and it would give the option but duplicating stack failed due to port conflict and now I have a second stack that is not deletable and first stack also giving port error now.

If I type in server docker stack ls the stacks don’t show up so I am at a loss how to delete this duplicated stack. It’s all a bit confusing.

Anyone able to help?

edit: I did docker system prune and it removed the duplicated stack. I need to figure out how to edit the env vars now.

So the issue seemed to be I wasn’t running in swarm mode but it still let me deploy the stack. I deleted the portainer data and then run it as a stack and then the variables show up now to be editted

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