Error regarding Helm repo when saving LDAP configuration

Version 2.9.1

I get this error when trying to save LDAP config on an internal (no internet access) network. I’m not sure if helm has anything do do with LDAP but this error also is present when I save anything in Settings.

I was able to change the corporate logo by deleting the content of the “Helm Repository” URL field and saving but the bitnami URL value returned after saving an empty value. I believe this to be a bug?

Invalid Helm repository URL. Must correspond to a valid URL format: “” is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: Head “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

I’m behind a corporate network so assume the only solution is to get this url opened as none of my attempts to create a local valid helm url worked.


We’ve had a few users report similar errors when their corporate firewalls block or modify outgoing requests. We have just released version 2.9.2 which includes a fix that lets you leave the Helm URL blank if needed. While (at the time of writing) this isn’t tagged as latest as of yet (we wait a day or two after release before we update the latest tag, just to catch any major issues) you can pull 2.9.2 by using:


as the image.