Errors configuring Portainer to work with secure LDAP

We just enabled secure LDAP on our active directory domain controllers and now when attempting to log into portainer with some of our automation we are getting SSL/TLS related errors. I have attempted to enable TLS in the Portainer settings and import our domain CA cert but when attempting to test connectivity on the settings page it fails saying “unable to connect to LDAP”

In the portainer logs I am seeing “certificate signed by unknown authority” or "certificate is valid for , not ". I have tried importing both the domain CA cert or the cert from the domain controller mentioned but get the same results. I have also tried importing the CA cert into CentOS directly but that has not helped either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what needs to be done to allow Portainer to talk to our domain controller over secure LDAP?

I assume this is a self-signed CA and not a domain trust ? I will setup a test environment to try and replicate. Please open an issue on our github page as this sounds like a bug.

Hi Neil,

I have tried a domain wildcard cert from DigiCert as well as a self-signed cert from our domain CA server and neither have worked. Please let me know what you find in your testing. I will open an issue as you have suggested.