Failed to pull image

Have recently install portainer agent on Windows docker hub running Hyper-v. The portainer server sits on another machine. During pull image on gitlab or sql server, always failure with pull image. This does bother happen with other agents.

Further investigation confirmed the connection is to download is slower than other machines. Is there a timeout setting that can be override? Or can we back ground pull?

The docker command line works with no problem.

Also portainer doesn’t seem to support multiple background pull running concurrently.

hmm… never seen this happen except for really slow downloads. The timeout is generally long enough.

Unfortunately we dont get an API status / progress update when downloading, so we dont know if its working or not, we just get a confirmation download has started and then one on success or failure… in between those, we just wait… we could wait forever, but that would give a terrible UX.

How big is your image, and how slow is it downloading?