Failure Unable to get endpoint type

After installation of a k3s cluster, I installed portainer agent (as described Install Portainer CE or Portainer Business), I am trying to connect via port 9000.
I also tried via node port 30777, every time I get the error: Failure Unable to get endpoint type.

What exactly does that error mean?
How can I solve it? what should I look for?

I have remote connected multiple times before - but up against docker - not k8s

please refer this page on documentation and let us know if it helps


That did the trick. That was great! Thank you!
What went wrong on the way, I cant tell for certain, but a mismatch of old documentation - eg. it says on your webpage it uses port 9000, then on retry I forgot to open the right ports after resetting the servers etc.

  • If I might suggest something. It would be nice to have the most basic - simple -checklist in the documentation, like what ports must be opened in the firewall. (for dummies like me) - I often do that mistake when learning new stuff, I overlook the most basic. And I learned - that you can never tell, what information expected implicit, or what is “missing”

If it seems like a good idea to you I´d be happy to contribute with that.

Edit: of course I am behind a load-balancer, just havn´t set one up manually.