Fedora 32's new nf_tables and firewalld

I’m using Fedora on most host machines here with DockerCE. Recently I swapped out the microSD with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with the latest Fedora 32 for arm64 on an RPi4B/4GB. The unified cgroup kernel setting is also in place.
Pretty much nothing worked. Turns out F32 has gone over to nf-tables which almost works like iptable/ip6tables except everything is unified at a lower level. This solves the issue I had with ipv6 security very nicely (I have ipv6 disabled at kernel boot on all other nodes). But Portainer/Swarm doesn’t want to play with firewalld/nf_tables. Going back (to iptables) did not work for me. Portainer puts up red banners indicating words to the effect that it can’t talk to the node and times out on various operations.
I ended up adding docker0 and docker_gwbridge to the “Trusted” zone. Everything seems to work now, although how safe it is to do that I don’t know.
The question is: what is the correct way to get Fedora 32 working as a worker node with Portainer/Swarm networking?