First question about using portainer

Hi, I’m starting using portainer and I have 2 question on how to uso 2 option.

  • The first. When I have to use docker-compose directly, outside of portainer. How can i change the stack name, which appear always as root. Is there an opntion inside of portainer to change the root name?
    Can I add something to te yaml file so when I open the stack i can see with a name?

  • The second, I’m installing nextcloud and in their examples uses some function that I can’t see how can I reproduce inside portainer. The Firts one is to use files for enviromental variable. For example

       - db.env

Nextcloud optional file

Other option is when they use


Inside the folder there are optional file for the docker, to be copy when thety are deploy.

Nextcloud sub folder

@MartinArg Hello, I realize this is an old post but I am going to answer for you so that others with this issue can see the resolution:

Your first question no not without breaking the stack. There is a way for you to deploy the stack in Portainer with a lot of options:
To Deploy a stack:

To add .env variables/files:

Hopefully this answer your questions. Let me know if you need any help,