Fundamental networking issue - Help me understand please

I can not seem to get my head wrapped around this properly.

I am running Portainer on a Raspberry Pi 4 and what I am TRYING to do is get a container bridged to my local network.

I am running Emby media server and part of it is a DLNA server. I know from past exp that DLNA servers do not broadcast across vlans.

My main network in a typical C class 192.168.1.x/24

So inside of portainer I add a network bridge:

IPV4 Subnet - IPV4 Gateway -
IPV4 IP range - IPV4 Excluded Ips

I then add the network to the emby container (leaving the 172 alone)

Next I edit/dup the container and change the networking to a static IP on that c class

gateway is 1.1
dns is correct.

Then a redeploy and all hell breaks loose. I can not contact the c class addr and I also cant not reach it the way I did before (hostip:port)

Can someone help.
Maybe I just need to remove the 172 networking? Im just thinking now - I haven’t tried that.

ORRRR maybe I am going about this all wrong and should not be adding more networking as a bridge.


Hi Probably you can try using customizing bridge network for communication between vlan or macvlan/ipvlan driver