Help setting up Caddy needed

Hello all, I really hope someone can walk me through setting this up. I am very new to anything Linux related (~1 month) but thought it would be fun to build a home NAS using a Raspberry Pi. So far I have been able to get what I wanted out of it which is a media server for family photos and videos using Jellyfin. I’ve also set up SnapRaid and will be adding a third drive for rsync backups too using OMV5.

My issue is that I don’t know much about security and I don’t understand any of the options in Portainer for configuring Caddy to secure my network. I have spent almost two weeks working on this and watching/reading tutorial after tutorial and I feel like I’ve made no progress in getting this up and running.

What do I put in the ‘Manual Network port publishing’ Host block?
What do I put into the advanced options: Command and Logging; Volumes; Environment; Network; Labels etc etc.
How do I know if it’s working? Should I see https when I visit OMV5 through the web browser? or Jellyfin?

So far I have made a DNS on duckDNS and tried plugging it in here and there but like I said I don’t know much about security or even ip routing/mapping. The frustration is starting to kick in now as I can’t seem to figure any of this out.

I know this works in conjunction with letsencrypt also which I would like to get working with it.

Any help is greatly appreciated and please dumb it down for me as I am on a caveman level of understanding; HTTP=Bad, HTTPS=Good.

1. My Caddy version ( caddy version ): 1.0.3 abiosoft

2. How I run Caddy: Through OMV5/Portainer docker

a. System environment: Raspberry Pi 4. Raspbian Buster Lite.

Thanks in advance

We don’t have any official guides on reverse proxies, but here is an example configuration from a user

As far as I can tell though, you look to be trying to deploy caddy as a docker container and I am not sure what config this requires. I would find your docker run command and learn about the flags that present and then find the same elements in the UI and fill them in.

Thanks for the reply. I think I’ll just keep plugging around at the internet a while until something makes sense to me. I think part of the problem aside from not understanding networking is just not knowing Linux command use, so most of the website I visit with code just confuse me more.

When I started this I thought having OMV with Portainer and using Docker was going to give me a nice GUI and makes things pretty easy. Now that I’m here I realize there doesn’t seem to be as many tutorials for some of these dockers as I thought or they aren’t in depth enough for this noob. Most people that do this stuff rely on command prompt which I am just starting to learn.