How long until the docker tag "latest" is updated after a release?

Hi Portainer Gurus-

First off, Kudo’s to the Portainer team! I have been using it a while it does make my life easier!

Thank you. :grinning:

My question; I noticed on Github a new version of portainer-ce was released approx. 4 days ago. I see the new release on Github and on DockerHub with tag 2.9.0.

Can someone please confirm the docker image with the “latest” tag is still v2.6.3 (at the time of this post)? I would like to verify I am not doing something wrong with my docker pulls… I try to use the “latest” tag for the majority of my images.

Lastly, if the “latest” tag is still on v2.6.3 for portainer-ce, how long do you wait until you move the “latest” tag to the more up to date version?

Any help or pointers (in case I missed it in documentation) would be much appreciated.


I see the latest tag appears to now be (as of today) on v2.9.0.

Thanks for whoever did that. I guess that answered my question.