How to Start Front/Backend Containers?

I am very new to dockers and Portainer in general, but am familiar with Proxmox and hosting VM’s and Containers. tnd now i’m trying to figure out docker and Portainer best I can.

So I have a Proxmox VM running Alpine Linux with Docker and Portainer installed. I can access my local Portainer on my home network at 192.168.xx.xx:9000 just fine.

Now I’m trying to learn how to add and view some containers, and trying to install a Cards against Humanity clone. Any search on ‘Humanity’ on docker hub you will see a few of them with a Front End And Back End.

So I add both of those to Portainer, but now stuck trying to figure out how to actually view them. I think you need to possible do something with docker compose to start them? Or I am completely off base on that.

And I also do not see any kind of ports being used/assigned when making the container, so not sure either if I need to do that manually or not.

Again, very new at docker and Portainer and struggling a little in getting things going.

Any help is very appreciated.


You are correct that a compose file can be used to spin up multiple containers at the same time. IMO this is the best way to run multiple dependent services as you can version control the files in git & its really convenient.

Also you’ll need to publish ports to be able to access your containers from your browser

Here’s how to publish ports on a container in Portainer.

Note each container will have 1(or more) ports they need to have published to work. So make sure to match the port on the right hand side, to the port the particular container is listening/serving a webpage on (usually explained on the dockerhub page for the particular image).