Image importing/building troubles

I’m running Portainer 1.24.0 in Docker 19.03.5 remotely on a WD My Cloud PR2100. I’ve successfully pulled an image from the DockerHub and deployed a container with it, so I know I have something working.

However, I have issues when trying to build an image with a file. In the build image from upload section, after I add my tar.gz, a name and hit build image, it errors out with the following: “Cannot read property ‘url’ of undefined”

When I use the import button for this file, it appears to complete without error, but I see no change after this has completed.

Can anyone point me to the right place to find logs so I can get some more detail on what is going wrong with this process? I’m not very technical so I know I don’t even know the right questions to ask without getting more information from my system yet.

Appreciate any help!

This was previously reported but the OP never gave me more info on this. Can you please comment on this bug report with your comment above as well as the following info:

  • Reproduction steps of your issue with screenshots, console logs of the browser and info on any failing network requests
  • OS of the host machine
  • Portainer Logs (see how to get them here)
  • Portainer Agent version (if applicable)
  • Portainer Agent Logs (you can get them in a similar way as Portainer)
  • Using Docker Swarm or Standalone

Thanks for the response and guidance. I’ve added the requested information to the github page. I don’t think I’m using Portainer Agent or Docker Swarm, so I don’t have those details.