Image pull downloads many unnecessary tags

When pull a specific image, many unnecessary images are downloaded. My system is amd64, and the image was originally added via portiner (~version 2.0) with no issues. Now I’m on portainer version 2.1.1. I am not sure if this relates to portainer, docker, or the github repository exactly. I am new to docker and portainer. Any insights or troubleshooting recommendations would be very appreciated.

The “latest” tag is the correct latest version. However, I am not sure why all of the other older versions are downloaded. I am updating the container and did not see this issue when initially pulled

I received feedback from the community indicating this is likely a portainer issue. I will report this as a bug

Pulling the image via ssh does not seem to have the multi tag issue:

This appears to be a duplicate of Portainer Issue 4870 on Github.

~ David (Staff)