Limit access to container

I have some containers running inside Portainer, and I would like to restrict who can access them. I hoped I could do this with the console, but the console doesn’t seem to load at all (it just says ‘connecting’ indefinitely).

How can I make sure my containers are only accessible for a certain set of ip addresses?

Hi @6hnnjjj999 ,

have you ever tried Access control for that running container?

if u wanna do that, just select container you want to restrict on Container menu.

Then go to access control, select Change ownership.

select Team or User(s) that is permitted to access the container then Update ownership.

and if you want to strict several ip address from your network to access service from your container, you can do with configure firewall on your docker host.

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Hi Amet,

Thanks for your reply!

The latter is what I try to achieve. Access ownership is configured properly. Now, as far as I know, everything is hosted within Portainer and so I am not sure where/how I could configure my firewall on the docker host?