Location host path 1

Hello guys and girls,

i am a completely new to the usage of docker and containers/portainer but i am trying to learn.
i use it on my asustor nas as6102 which i ssh into from my ubuntu laptop for the usage of deluge.

as i wish to us delugeVPN with deluge i need to locate the /config/delugeVPN/ folder to where i need to copy VPN specific files.

unfortunately i can’t seem to locate these folders, when i asked for help on the delugeVPN forum, i got the answer that i should find the location of these folders in host path 1, unfortunately i cant seem to locate these in portainer and the people helping in the delugeVPN forum are not familiar with portainer. from my side it seems to be the conly container software i can run on ADM (asustor os).

anyone has any ideas where i should locate these folders?

Kind regards