Macvlan - why two step process?

Network engineer by trade but new to dealing with VLANs with Docker. I do actually have it working, I just don’t understand some of the how and why…

For example, AFAIK there is only a single command necessary to create a macvlan network from the docker CLI, yet it’s a two step process from within Portainer and I don’t understand why. Not throwing stones - I’m sure there is a reason, it’s just not making sense to me. So part of this is satisfying my curiosity but the other is that without understanding the “why” I’m not confident that I understand it well enough to fully take advantage of this feature.

Step 1, create a configuration. You’re already specifying all of the important details (parent interface - with sub interface in my case since I’m using 802.1Q trunk, subnet, gateway, etc…)

Step 2, create a network based on the above config. My lack of understanding makes this seem redundant. There aren’t many additional options available to you at this point, so you’re basically just choosing macvlan (again), selecting the config you made and clicking create network.

It almost implies that the config is a sort of template with which you can create multiple networks but I don’t think you’d ever create multiple networks using the same config but maybe I’m just not thinking this through…

Again, not throwing stones, just hoping to understand better so I can confidently take advantage of this capability!