Openmediavault 5 portainer seperate ip adress per container

i am running portainer on openmediavault 5 and have multiple containers, i am at a point where some use the same ports to access the gui’s on each container. I would like to know how (if possible) i need to setup each container to have a seperate ip address that i can access from my other pc’s on the network (like freenas does), my network range for them is, the host server is I am new to portainer so any help to get this working would be great. I have tried manually typing a ip address in e.g as bridge or host network (under network) with no luck and also tried without anything in network and adding this to manual port publishing: again no luck. Thanks all.

Hi @rookster1984 ,

did u ever tried macvlan networking for docker? it will attach a container directly to your local network. But it has some limitation like the container will not be able to connect to your host.