Portainer 1.24.0 does not display networks

I would like to report that in Portainer 1.24.0 ‘Networks’ window does not display any networks. I have confirmed with ‘docker network ls’ that all networks are visibile in underlaying docker deployment.

My configuration is

  • single node docker 17.09.1-ce in swarm mode
  • portainer is connected to docker swarm via ‘/var/run/docker.sock’
  • I have mix of networks in my environment i.e. bridge, host, none, few overlay networks and one macvlan network created from its config network (as this is only way run macvlan networks in swarm mode)

One thing to add is that I observed that Portainer ‘Dashboard’ summarizes that I have 9 networks but ‘Networks’ window shows none. So obiously Portainer is aware of networks, issues seems to be that version 1.24.0 is not able display those networks. Just wondering (=speculating) if there is connection that IPv6 support was added to this release. That is a major networking change I could identify against 1.23.x releases.

Hi there, yes there was a network change very recently in 1.24.0 with the introduction of ipv6 support, so this could potentially be related to your issue. Could you please open a new bug report against our GitHub repo for this?