Portainer 1.24 does not show IP address in table

There seems to be an error in the UI in 1.24, as IP addresses no longer show.

This has been working up until 1.23.1

Hi there, I have just confirmed, this change was actually intentional, and as a result of adding IPv6 support.

I have now marked the release notes with it as a “breaking change” introduced as part of the support for IPv6 (as containers now have two IP addresses, one IPv4 and one IPv6).

If you require the IP address column, then you should rollback to 1.23.2.

We did however forget to remove the IP Address option in the columns options, so this will be remedied moving forward.

Hi Neil

Thanks for confirming this. However, instead of removing the option entirely, would it be possible to instead have the choice of showing IPv4 or IPv6 address in columns? Or maybe just show the IPv4 address as it has been until now?

I think it’s a really handy option to be able to see right away (and besides I sort by IPv4), and I would miss it if it was removed entirely.

Thanks again.

I second that. We need the IP addresses to be displayed, and rollback to 1.23.2 is not an option since 1.24.1 was a security update (and thus we are not allowed to rollback).

+1 for showing the ip-adres again

Feel free to direct comments on this to the issue opened on our github here >> https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/3887