Portainer 2.0 & App Templates

After reading documentation about App Templates in V2.0, I deleted all App Templates in V1.24.1 before then upgrading to Portainer 2.0. I was surprised to see that the App Templates had reappeared in V2.0. However, I can’t seem to see a way to delete them. I did a quick scan of Portainer.io doco, as well as a google search, but nothing seemed relevant to Portainer 2.0
Any suggestions would be gratefully received

Hi @geoffh,

App templates now in Portainer 2.0 are by default the Portainer templates from our github repo. If you wants to change these, you can provide your own with a URL in settings so you can manage your templates via version control. These support swarm stack, standalone stack and container templates.

Thank you - I thought I was going “Mad”! :thinking: :rofl: :rofl: