Pull image failed

Test case:

  1. Add private registry
  2. Go to images tab, switch to simple mode
  3. Enter full name of image, click “pull the image”, got "message: “Get https://private_registry/v2/namespase/image/manifests/tag: denied: access forbidden”

Everthing is ok in advanced mode

  • What type of registry are you using?
  • What image:tag are you entering in the text box in simple mode? (Note you shouldn’t enter the registry in the text box in simple mode)
  • What version of Portainer are you using?
  1. we use gitlab v. 13.1
  2. hub.medinfocenter.ru/medinfocenter/nginx:latest
  3. we use Portainer 1.24
  1. Check that your PAT used when adding the private registry to Portainer isn’t expired.
  2. Can you show me how you are entering this image in simple mode (screenshot of Portainer)


Ok you have just shown me normal behavior, you have simple mode and advanced mode mixed up.
This is simple mode, where you are required to select the registry first and then specify an image:

Private registries aren’t supported with advanced mode, you have to add their credentials to Portainer (as you have done) and then only use simple mode.

More info here on why private registries are not supported with advanced mode: https://github.com/portainer/portainer/issues/3493#issuecomment-609731387