Reading log with java?

When I’m using the log endpoint to get the logs for a certain container “{mycointainerID}/logs?since=0&stderr=1&stdout=1&tail=100&timestamps=0” I can see that the response is of type “application/octet-stream”.

So I’m asking if anyone can help with a java code - how can I read that? I’ve tried to read is something like this:

new String(body.bytes(), StandardCharsets.UTF_8);

But what I get back is a log (the log as string), with non printable characters and other weird artifacts.

I’ve also noticed the weird characters in the response network tab in Chrome browser. But the browser knows how to handle them and the log on the page looks as it should.
Here is print screen of what I see in the console in the Chrome browser:

So, if anyone can help me properly read the log with java - I’d be grateful.