Registry Manager not working


I can not browse my registry when images have been uploaded. When the registry is freshly deployed and holding no images I can click on browse and see the empty repository list. But when I upload an image and click on browse, I got always redirected to “Registry management configuration required”. Then I click on “Test configuration” which is successful and “Save configuration”. Whenever I click on browse again, I got redirected to configuration required.
Using the registry with docker command line works without any problems. I can push and pull images and when using a my web browser I can acces the registry API to e.g. list the catalog and image tags.
For further troubleshooting I have deployed quiq/docker-registry-ui. Using this web UI I can access my registry.

Any idea why the Registry Manager is not working or which logs e.g. I can check to get further information about the cause?



Hi there,
If you are still experiencing this issue, it may help you to refer to our user guides here

Currently there is no debugging information for registry configuration, however we have a feature request open for it on our repository.

If the above guides do not help you, I can help you triage this further…