Registry Manager token-based authentication support

I recently purchased the external authentication extension and the registry management extension. While the external authentication extension works like a charm, I can’t get the registry manager working with our private docker repo.
While I am able to pull images from the registry with credentials, I can’t use the purchased extension getting an “invalid management configuration” error when trying to configure it (with and without TLS).

The question - does the extension only support HTTP Basic authentication or token-based authentication as well? Unfortunately the docker registry can only be set up with one authentication provider, which is currently our internal SSO solution.

Our setup:
Docker registry v2.7.1 with token-based SSO authentication through Keycloak.

IIRC token based auth was never tested with the RM extension, there is a chance this is not supported. If you wish to debug this with me you can reach out to me on our slack server