Remote docker engine, no cluster, to manage. Anything behind reverse proxies

Hi there,
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My setup is similar to

shown on but portainer will run on remote host managing other remote hosts on which only single containers are running.
All hosts have a reverse proxy in place

What is the setup to do so as says the agent can only be used for swarms?

here is my setup

I think portainer agent can only be automatically pushed to all your hosts if you have swarm. If you want to just go to a docker native installation and install portainer-agent, you might be able to connect to it.

But, portainer agent might be specific to swarm installs. If you can open a secure tunnel from your portainer instance to the docker socket, you can use portainer to control that host.

You can also just run portainer on the system you want to control and connect it to /var/run/docker.sock

thx for the reply.
It is not a swarm, it is docker native installation, I updated the drawing (there was a type=

seems so, according to

The Portainer UI will tell you to copy/paste curl -L -o agent-stack.yml && docker stack deploy --compose-file=agent-stack.yml portainer-agent into the host you want to forward, but this only works for Docker Swarm nodes and did not work in my simple case.


would it still work if I open a secure tunnel to each host?
Is that more or less the procedure described by

Instead I had to do something way simpler: add the portainer/agent service to your Docker Compose stack on the host you want to manage, reup the stack with docker-compose up -d and then in the manager host, just connect to the WAN IP which has port 9001 forwarded in Portainer.