SSL Not Secure after Agent Install

I could not find a previous post discussing this, hoping someone may have a solution. I am currently going through providing SSL to all of my services. Now thanks to LetsEncrpyt, it is quite simple.

For reference I am using docker standalone. I installed Portainer and set up my certificates and turned on force HTTPS. Everything works great, says certs are valid and everything is secure.

I go to install the Portainer Agent to my system. Now when connecting it says insecure. Hovering over it says “This site has a valid certificate, issued by a trusted authority. However, some parts of the site are not secure.”

I assume this is happening because docker creates a virtual subnet, and something on that subnet isn’t operating on HTTPS, therefor it is not entirely secure, even with the certificate. However, I am unable to find any sort of documentation on SSL and the Agent specifically. I see nowhere if you have to enable/disable. If I have to update certs for the agent manually (I have no idea how).

The only other thing is possibly changing the hostname of the agent during the docker creation. I will try this for now.

Anyone have any suggestions or encountered similar issues?

In this error, it should give you a way to see the elements that are being loaded insecurely. Can you find what specifically the elements are?