Stack already exist .... on empty cluster

Hello, i’ve a strange reaction at stack creation.
First of all a small description and history

  • Portainer 1.22 on a management swarm cluster.
  • another swarm cluster for dev users with the new edge agent ( a dream come true)
  • on this dev cluster i had a infra-proxy stack running perfectly

For technical reasons i need to change all ip address of the dev cluster… I know it’s bad !!!

  • in Portainer I delete completely the old cluster definition,
  • I stop completely the dev cluster and broke the swarm
  • change ip on all nodes
  • rebuild the swarm
  • recreate the the cluster in portainer with the same name than the old one
  • load the edge agent
    and then i’ve a plenty new cluster working (almost) perfectly

But when i try to launch the infra-proxy stack, Portainer says that the stack already exist. !
If I try to load the stack directly in the swarm, it work !

So it’s not a docker fault but a persistence problem in Portainer.

Did someone have a solution for this ???

Best regards

Ph Koenig