Starting with portainer on a windows machine

Hi all,

I am new to portainer and wanted to get started with it. I am on a windows machine. I have installed node, go, docker and yarn.

while setup process, I finished the below steps which were mentioned here,

    $ git clone
    $ mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/src/
    $ ln -s ${PWD}/portainer ${GOPATH}/src/
    $ cd portainer
    $ yarn

Then when I tried to do a yarn start, I get the following error,

Please help in fixing the error.

Thanks in advance!!

Thanks for query, is it possible to show some light on window server version, we are not sure if u have come across this link.

Thanks for the link but it is totally different from what I was asking for. I couldn’t even do a yarn start while running on Windows.

I looked up in the gruntfile.js where it only checks for the OS to be linux and mac and so I think it wouldn’t work on a Windows

in the below code i can see else condition for windows support. kindly share the window server version

if (p === ‘linux’ || p === ‘mac’) {
return [‘if [ -f dist/docker ]; then’, ‘echo “docker binary exists”;’, ‘else’, ‘build/ ’ + ip + ’ ’ + ia + ’ ’ + binaryVersion + ‘;’, ‘fi’].join(’ ');
} else {
return [
‘powershell -Command "& {if (Test-Path -Path “dist/docker.exe”) {’,
‘Write-Host “Skipping download, Docker binary exists”’,
‘} else {’,
‘& “.\build\download_docker_binary.ps1” -docker_version ’ + binaryVersion + ‘’,
].join(’ ');

though there is a else block, the value for p(OS) is taking as linux for Windows as well and it is the reason for the problem here.

I have recently seen this,

I guess this is something because of what my issue really here.

Thanks. Got a confirmation from team right now compiling portainer from windows is not supported