Stuck trying to set up a vpn container pls help

I’ve set up several containers now on Portainer, with no issue but I’m stuck on getting my VPN container running.

This is the container I am creating:

Everything has made sense so far, but I can’t find out where to add one line of config.

–device /dev/net/tun

Is the line I can’t figure out.

I have tried it in commands, and runtime/device-add

but it is not working, I am sure I am just doing it wrong, but can’t find where/how to add this properly.
any help would be appreciated.(to be fair, I am a noob when to comes to dockers)I am using OpenMediaVault 5 - running Portainer.

I have set up dockers in older versions of OMV, but this is my first time using Portainer.

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Hi, when editing the container, under “Runtime & Resources” you can enter devices.