Trouble connecting to DNS

I am using this guide to set up Nextcloud on my home OMV 5 NAS. I keep getting stuck.

Portainer doesnt seem to have the “local” endpoint setup like his does. I tried setting up with the Docker endpoint instead. However I am unable to connect to my DNS.

I keep getting this error in the letsencrypt log.

[Mon Mar 1 16:20:39 +03 2021] error:Fetching Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem)

I have the port forwarded and everything…its a fresh install. No firewalls. everything seems fine. reinstalled portainer and docker, nothing. I followed the exact steps as in that video.

Please help

I just tried accessing the domain you shared and was unable to do so.

When I pinged the URL, I was able to receive a response back, so that makes me think that there is something blocking access to your server.

What port do you have NextCloud running on?
What ports have you forwarded to your server?
Do you have a single modem/router combo unit or do you have a modem AND a router?

Also, I am DB Tech and made the video you referenced in your post. The video you referenced is older and a bit out of date. If you have a domain name available or don’t mind getting one, there is a much better way to handle installing NextCloud and getting remote access to it.

I made this video more recently and, even though it says it’s for Raspberry Pi, it should work on desktop processors as well: Raspberry Pi Home Server Episode 7: NextCloud with Remote Access - YouTube

~ David (Staff)

Hi, thank you.

NextCloud I believe is on 1194
80,443, 1194, 81 are forwarded.
Its a ISP fibre gateway and Netgear Orbi.

Thank you so much, I shall look into that guide.

Ok. If you have a modem AND a router, then you need to forward them from your modem to your router and then from your router to your server.

Oh no…the gateway is proprietary and we cant access the settings. They wont tell us the password for that as its not a business connection.

That’s unfortunate. I wish there was more I could do to help, but if you can’t forward the ports all the way through, then I don’t think you’ll be able to have remote access to your home.

Thank you so much… I’ll contact my ISP and try.

Please let us know how it goes :slight_smile: