Unable to login: failure unauthorized

hey, yesterday i sucessfully set up my nginx proxy manager with bitwarden, so i can access it from outside my home. yesterday everything still worked, Portainer, Nginx etc. now i cant acess Portainer anymore, the container is running but every time i try to log in i get error message: Failure Unauthorized. i log in with the same credentials i used every time.

I read about portainer “locking down” when exposing the port 9000 cause of bots. but i did non of that. the only ports i exposed are 80 and 443 and they go to nginx.

My other containers (nginx, nginx db, bitwarden) still run and work. i just cant acess portainer anymore. restarting the service does not help either.

and im little bit scared to reinstall portainer via OMV. i dont want my other container i deployed via stack to just dont work anymore. was ton of work to set up DNS and all of that.