Updated Install/Upgrade docs for Portainer

Our documentation has had a bit of a spruce up. It still lives at https://documentation.portainer.io/, but there have been some changes.

  1. It’s no longer product centric, but is now task oriented. What this means is the menu structure is built around what you are trying to do. Once you get in there then we split it out to the product.
  2. We’ve simplified the install flow using tabs, so you can select the right instructions easily.
  3. The screen is now a little less cluttered.

As part of this we’ve also made some changes to our Install and Upgrade docs to make them easy to follow.

If you do find any thing in the documentation you think needs to be clarified or corrected then please follow the contribution guide.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you the Knowledge Base we’ve also been working on which contains a list of our FAQs, walkthrough videos, and a current list of known bugs.