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Hi everyone,

Anthony from Portainer here, I’m the Head of Customer Success and Support - it’s my job to ensure you get access to the information and support you need to get Portainer up and running in your environment.

One of the things I’m keen to get more focus on is how this forum is being used. We haven’t been highly active recently as our core channels for engagement are Github (feature requests, bugs, discussion) and Slack (general discussion). The Forums has largely been left as a passive, community driven channel.

What I want to find out is if you are happy with this model, or if you want to see more engagement from our support staff in this channel.

Please put your thoughts in below!


A bit more interaction would be useful. Even though it’s for community support, things like Feature Requests aren’t something the community would really be working on. If that team won’t be interacting there, what’s the point of that channel at all?

Thanks for your feedback.

Can I just get clarity on what you’re meaning around feature requests - are you asking that they can be raised through this channel, or just visible and open for discussion?


They’re visible and open for discussion on Github, but they can easily be lost in the noise even with the kind/enhancement tag when the developers are busy working on features and the inevitable bugs. Having a separate, and perhaps more user friendly area like this forum could be beneficial.

I know that having two places to look is never the best solution, but it really depends on the audience you’re looking to for guidance. Just my 2 bits, thank you for even asking.

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It’s a great suggestion. While it does duplicate the information, it’s still manageable. I agree that it means they will be easier to find - while they are tagged in Github, there are 496 open requests at present.

It also allows us to build a good view from the community.

I’ll discuss this internally, watch this space!