Visual difference between TCP and UDP published ports

Hi all,

I’m using portainer (swarm) at home since 3 weeks, and it’s great for networking services (DHCP, DNS, and Nextcloud for the moment).

But, I notice that on “services” menu, TCP and UDP Published ports are not clearly displayed. I’m using a DNS service, and TCP/53 and UDP/53 are the same on the screen.

Maybe it’s a good idea to find a way to distinguish UDP and TCP ports.

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If you’re using swarm, then I’m fairly certain that published ports don’t matter.

But, to your point, maybe a screenshot would help. They are listed separately for me.

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the reply. My question was about the service state screen… see my screenshot

Look at pihole service line and into the published ports column, the “Published ports” are 53:53, displayed 2 times. But no visual indication about TCP/UDP in fact.

I’m agree that it’s a detail for me because I know exactly what was done by the docker-compose file. I’m the only admin in this portainer portal (at home)… but i’m thinking about this in case of multiples users.